Blockchain Support Services​

Project completion is just the beginning.

Our in-house team will help you with all post-development stages.

  • PRODUCT ENHANCEMENT: Considering today’s swiftly evolving market dynamics and constantly altering the business climate, products must be continually improved in order to maintain client loyalty and to stay ahead of the competition.
    full-stack monitoring from the front-end to the back-end, to
    infrastructure, to the cloud. Understand how application performance impacts your customers.

Our Blockchain professionals:

  • User experience, test designs, code stadarizations, Fast detection of network outages and protocol failures.
  • Monthly service scope: overed by phone and email support, & monthly system health check (e.g. environment updates, security updates, buck ups, libraries and framework updates etc.

Why working with Grupo Sabra?

  • Highly skilled IT professionals. All of our resources have Engineering degrees or Computer Science degrees.
  • Developers ready to work right away.
  • A fraction of the cost of having to hire and train developers for your company.
  • Similar time zone
  • Cultural affinity
  • English-speaking professionals