The GS BlockCert solution illustrates how a Blockchain can solve
the existing problem of verifying the validity of digital assets such as a
picture of your birth certificate, a pdf document stating your will or a
signed legal document specifying a business deal very efficiently and
at a very low implementation cost.

At a high level the proposed solution includes the following steps:

  • Creation of a digital asset and storage of the digital proof
    (signature) to the Blockchain
  • Transmission of the digital asset (Email, file sharing, etc.)
  • Validation of the digital asset using the signature stored on the
    Blockchain and vetting of the institution that issued the asset.

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Additional features and optimisations such as: Time stamping of signatures so that they can expire. Since storage is very expensive on the Blockchain, the goal is to store as minimal information as possible on the Blockchain. Hence, the URL and Keyidx could be stored with Blockchain contract and not be part of the JWT. To optimise storage further, the JSON web token could be replaced with only the signed digital fingerprint. It is even possible to store the JWT off the Blockchain entirely. Use interface base contract that establishes a standard for signed digital asset verification.